It was a grey September day, but not raining, when we caught up with Louise at her parent’s house in Cheam where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  Mum Moira proudly showed me Louise’s dress which I just had to photograph, while Mike found the bouquets in the kitchen.  The bridesmaids were busy helping dad David win the battle with his cravat. Dressing finished mum and the bridesmaids left for the church leaving me to grab a few quick shots of Louise before she left.  Louise and Ian’s chose St. Lawrence Church, Morden for their wedding, rebuilt in the 1630’s the church still retains some of it’s original features while the new church centre is a reminder of the thriving church community that  St. Lawrence is today.  The church has special meaning for Louise as it was here that her grandparents were married. Next, to catch the bus to Ravens Ait for the reception and time for a few photos in the Edwardian Launch on the way to the island.  Reception drinks, followed by more photos on the end of the island before Louise and Ian’s reception in the beautifully decorated marquee. If you are planning a wedding at St. Lawrence Church, Morden, or Ravens Ait please call Sheila on 020 8393 1509.  Here are a few Louise and Ian’s photos.005(0013) 006(0018) 007(0473) 008(0469) 013(0025) 026(0487) 030(0047) 033(0504) 040(0074) 042(0087) 045(0792) 069(0091) 082(0116) 084(0118) 088(0838) 113(0184) 123(0871) 127(0203) 130(0874) 140(0224) 153(0246) 178(0920) 179(0923) 191(0254) 216(0631) 234(0654) 237(0344) 254(0972) 260(0986) 262(0988) 276(0380) 278(0383) 296(0712) 314(1020) 320(1028) 324(0433)

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