A few weeks before their special day, Liz, Matt and I visited the Red Barn in Limpsfield to discuss details for the day, Liz described her wedding as ‘shabby chic,’ they were to have a hog roast and a barn dance!! The excitement was building, we were going to have great photo opportunities!

On the day Mike and I caught up with Liz at her mum’s house and despite the dampness in the air Liz, her five bridesmaids, resplendent in their sky blue dresses, brother and mum joined us in the garden for some photos before leaving for Cheam Baptist Church the church Liz and Matt had chosen for their wedding to catch up with Matt and the boys! Liz had been bridesmaid when her friend married at the same church eighteen months before and liked the way we worked so booked us for her own wedding. We always enjoy working at Cheam Baptist Church and know the church well.

Liz arrived with her brother Jim, who was giving her away, in a car specially hired for the occasion and driven by her uncle. One amusing moment at the beginning of the service was when Liz’s little flower girl decided she had had enough and dropped her basket of petals in a heap at Liz’s feet, before making for her mum at the other end of the church!

The service over, we headed for the Memorial Ground just a few yards from the church for some family photos, then off to the Red Barn in Limpsfield for the reception. The Red Barn is a 300 year old converted barn in Blindley Heath. The wedding breakfast was served in the 20ft-tall wooden barn, lined with books and heated by a very large, central fire, although that was not needed for Liz and Matt’s reception. Liz and Matt’s beautiful cake was made and decorated by her friend Becca and Becca’s mum Barbara.

After the meal we were able to take some stunning images of Liz and Matt in the golden evening sun before their evening guests arrived. I also felt very privileged to be invited into the kitchen to photograph the hog roast before it was served to the evening guests.

For their evening entertainment Liz and Matt had arranged a barn dance, another great photo opportunity!

Please contact us on 020 8393 1509 or by using our contact form if you are planning a wedding at Cheam Baptist Church, or a reception at The Red Barn, Limpsfield. Here are some of Liz and Matt’s images from the day.

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